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Empower the next generation of learners.

Designed by educational 3D printing experts, Tyro is designed to thrive in any learning environment.

Reliable and easy to use. 

Tyro's simple design and touchscreen controls make 3D printing remarkably straightforward for students and teachers. 

Say hello to the quietest 3D printer you'll never hear.

Tyro is whisper-quiet. Unlike most 3D printers, its specially selected hardware makes printing virtually silent.

Tyro is durable.

Its sturdy all-metal design is made to last in any classroom, with no 3D-printed parts that can wear out over time.

One 3D printer is awesome. More than one is amazing!

Because 3D printing takes a while, it helps to own multiple printers to save time and increase student engagement. Tyro's price makes it possible.