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Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro
Key3D Tyro

Key3D Tyro

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The simple 3D printer that simply works.

Tyro is born from three distinct design objectives:
1. a rugged, all-metal structure without any 3D-printed plastic parts,
2. the latest open source electronics components, and
3. an intentionally simple design, free of nonessential features.


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Technology: Material extrusion/FDM/FFF (fused deposition modeling/fused filament fabrication)
Build volume: 150 x 150 x 150 mm (5.9 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches)
Nozzle size: 400 microns (0.4 mm/0.015 inch)
Layer resolution: 80–300 microns (0.08–0.3mm/0.004–0.012 inch)
Heated bed: No
Build surface: Microporous surface on flexible magnetic sheet
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm (0.069 inch)
Filament material compatibility: PLA, High Heat PLA, PETG

Weight: 4.1kg (9.0 pounds)
Overall size: 325 x 335 x 390 mm (12.75 x 13.125 x 15.25 inches)
Construction: Rigid, all-metal structure; metal base plate and control housing; cast acrylic print bed; no 3D-printed parts
Color choices: Blue, red, yellow, green, orange, and purple
X and Y motions: V-track belt system
Z motion: Single leadscrew
Extruder: Single, MK-10 Bowden style
Maximum nozzle temperature: 240°C (464°F)

Power: 12 volt DC, 8 amp
Controls: 32-bit, open source control board; Trinamic stepper drivers
Interface: Full-color touchscreen
Connectivity: SD card, USB cable
Firmware: Custom Marlin 2.0 

Slicer: Any generic G-code slicer (Tyro's printer profile is selectable in Cura 4.4 and above)
Slice file format: generic G-code

Included with Tyro
1 kg High Quality PLA

Power cord with DC transformer USB cord
SD card
Flexible magnetic build plate with microporous print surface
90-day limited warranty
User manual by Key3D
Unlimited access to online videos and resources

Product photographs feature pre-production models. The production model may vary.